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Focus on fire standards… B1, M1?


You may have already heard about these B1 and M1 standards, but what do they mean? Good news: they both want to say the same thing!

The "M" standard corresponds to the classification of the French standard defining the reaction of materials to fire. This classification corresponds to the resistance time of a material at a given temperature. It is established by laboratories approved by the Ministry of the Interior, such as CSTB and LNE. Code M1 means that the product is combustible but can not ignite.

The "B" standard is simply the equivalent of the French standard in Germany. And it is the latter which is also often considered as the European standard. It then prevails over others.

During trade fairs and exhibitions, a B1 or M1 fire safety certificate is required from exhibitors for any textile support with an area greater than 50 cm². So please be aware that if you order banners/roll-ups or other graphical elements for indoor use they are M1.

You can be ensured that we are always in compliance with one of these standards and can deliver the required fire certificates to the venue.

Print work for MIPM


So you are based in Australia and exhibiting at MIPM in Cannes. What is the most effective way to get your printed brochures on the show ??? And you also would like 2 roll-Up Banners on your stand.

In this case the client was smart enough to realise that printing locally was the best solution, so a quick google search later after clicking on the first result shown they came to us. And we had a special offer up for 2 roll-Up Banners for €99. So these where ordered and brochures in French en English in a small quantity (100+400).

"Even with an 11 hour time zone difference and 17,000km between us, organising our event was simple with CannesExpo. 

The Brochures and Roll-Up Banners where delivered on the stand the day before the show, photo's of the delivered materials send to the head office in Australia to confirm delivery and create peace of mind. No need to say the client had all the tools needed to have a successful MIPM.
Everybody happy :-)

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