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Top Tips For Exhibition Stand Design


Design your exhibition stand well, and you’ll build your brand, attract new leads, and help generate sales.  Miss the mark, and you’ll have an oversized lump that gets ignored and overlooked. To help you get the exhibition stand design you need, here are our top tips for exhibition stand design:

  • Ensure your stand clearly shows who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer.
  • Be true to your brand and create recognition by matching your stand design with your other marketing materials, such as your website, brochures, print ads, direct mail, etc..
  • Create visual impact with a stand that has bright, bold colors (as appropriate), big images that speak to your potential clients, and easy to read text that sends a clear message.
  • Design your exhibition show stand space so it best fits your specific marketing objectives — spaces for brand-building graphics, lead collection stations, demo areas, meeting tables, refreshments bar, etc.  While many exhibitors find they get more leads with an open and inviting space, others find they need large structures or displays for impact or walls for meeting areas.  Just focus on your top objectives, because you don’t have room for them all!
  • Decide on whatever technology you will use in your stand, so you can incorporate that into the design from the start.
  • Focus on displaying your most popular and/or new products, rather than trying to showcase all your products in a limited stand space.
  • Put fewer words on your graphics, but make each word bigger.  A single clear statement is better than a long list of bullet points that gets ignored.
  • Choose a design that balances your need for marketing impact with cost effective solutions and usability during the show.
  • Plan your exhibit design for the next year, two, or three, to minimize your expenses for various sizes, marketing messages and locations.
  • Give yourself enough time to get a new stand designed, and include the time evaluate the design with your team on practical usage during the show.
top tips exhibition stand design

We hope these top tips will give you some usable ideas to enhance your next exhibition presence. Of course we at CannesExpo are more than happy to help you with the design and build of your stand if you are exhibiting in Cannes, Nice or Monaco. Contact us today or fill in the form below for a quote.

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Exhibiting ILTM Cannes


ILTM Cannes is the only truly global event for the luxury travel industry

ILTM in Cannes is the flagship inspirational show. It brings everyone to Cannes: your customers, your media and your network. It’s where the world meets the world! You will be seen alongside the absolute best in class and do more business in a week than is possible in many months. More contacts, more opportunities, more insights and more markets than anywhere else – you can’t afford not to be part of it.

ILTM introduces global travel buyers to an unrivalled collection of international travel experiences. They are the relationship brokers that provide a platform for you to do business and build relationships.

This year’s event theme is #keeptheworldmoving. Part rallying cry, part celebration; #keeptheworldmoving aims to highlight the impact that ILTM’s incredible global network of luxury aficionados have on the world we live in.

If you are exhibiting on ILTM Cannes and are looking for a custom stand solution to stand out from the crowd, talk to your local stand builder in Cannes, CannesExpo. We have affordable custom solutions starting from €2.950 for a 3x3 stand. Contact us to find out more!

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