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Your Exhibition stand in Monaco for €375 p/m2

The Grimaldi Forum in Monaco is a great venue with its own challenges for booth builders. It always requires good logistical planning and a good insight in the different floor levels with their own height requirements. In the past years we learned exactly what is possible and what is not in case of doubt we have an excellent relation with the staff of the Grimaldi Forum to ensure that what is designed, can be build.

We can design and build your stand for Monaco Yacht Show, AMWC, WGE, AEGPL, DATACLOUD, TRANSITION, LUXE PACK, TOP MARQUES or any other event in MONACO for €375 per square meter. You can see on the right hand side what is all included. If you are exhibiting in MONACO, don’t hesitate to Contactez-nous, Let’s create something awesome together!

What is included for €375 per/m2?

  • Conception complète et re-conception si nécessaire
  • Location de tous les éléments structurels
  • Graphiques en couleur sur tous les murs visibles
  • Choix de la couleur du tapis ou du stratifié
  • Ensemble de meubles complet incl. Frigo
  • Écrans de télévision (<65 ") avec lecteurs multimédias USB
  • Éclairage et prises de courant
  • Transport, installation et enlèvement
  • Gestion de projet complète

We create affordable solutions for semi-custom build stands in Monaco for €375 per square meter!!

We specialise in small stands and have no interest in the big projects as we believe there are enough big boys out there that do a great job. But they do not show enough love to smaller space only exhibitors. We aim at filling the gap between shell-scheme and full custom build without falling back to a modular system. Modular exhibition systems are great but still less flexible than semi-custom in choice of lay-out and materials. So if you are planning to exhibit in Monaco with a 6m2 to 27m2 space only stand, Contactez-nous for a bespoke solution for €375 per m2 all inclusive.

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